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Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm still around

... except that I have not been blogging. There's no show and tell at the moment as I'm still stitching on Oggi's RR. Her theme is "Flowers Native to Your Area". I'm going for the "Bunga Raya" since its our national flower and could be found in abundance everywhere. Although the deadline is 20 December and I'm taking my time with it, I have made quite a progress. Should be able to finish in November itself and then I'm off to stitch a bookmark for my private exchange with Lillie.

Other than that, I have been busy at my comp, reading other stitchers' blogs and hoping to pick up some ideas on the various finishes for cross stitch. Next year on, I would like to participate in more exchanges whereby I could put to use what I have managed to glean from them. It will be a learning period for me.

My trip to Australia to holiday with my DS is off. My DS wishes to be back home asap. I guess he's missing home badly or the comfort of home. With the money saved, I'm itching to spend them on making some online purchases from the LNS in Australia and I did. I'll have them send the items to my DS's address to save on postages and besides, I need not worry about the items being lost in post. I can't wait to see both my DS and the stash on 27 November!

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