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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


is what my doctor prescribed for me. No, its not those grains loaded with carbo but to the uninitiated it means:

R : rest
I : ice (to be applied to the affected area to minimise the swelling)
C : compression (use an ankle guard to prevent the accumulation of edema)
E : elevation (elevate the ankle to help remove edema)

for my ankle sprain. Looks like its only a partial tear of the ligaments as I do not see any bruising except for a wee bit near my toes. What worried me were the two lumps that appeared immediately after my fall. Luckily they subsided with the ice compresses that I have been applying every 3-hourly.

I don't need this when Chinese New Year is only five days away. I am so furious with myself as I should have been more careful going down the last flight of stairs at my work place to clock out yesterday. Instead, I was looking through the bag of ornaments and wondering how best to dress up those wicker baskets of mandarins I have at home that I lost my footing. Didn't look dignified when I was sprawled at the bottom of the stairs. Picked myself up since no one was around and hobbled to my car for the drive home. Yeah, my threshold of pain is high so I managed to drive an hour home. Went to see a doctor on the insistence of DH and was given 2 days MC. The doctor told me that it will take longer to heal as I'm no more 17 (the cheek of him). Always one to defy orders, I had been in to the office for an hour today and shall be in again tomorrow for at least half the day.

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Blogger Von said...

Oh, June! Please do stay off your ankle, perhaps using a crutch when you need to walk!! I know it's so limiting, but you want to heal as quickly as possible, right?! My sister did a similar sprain a couple of years ago and it took longer to heal than expected. Don't make me worry about you, lol!!!

Thursday, January 26, 2006 4:07:00 AM  

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