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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The week that is

I was pleasantly surprised when a package came for me on Friday from Janet. In it I found my advance birthday present. Thank you Janet for your kindness and yes, the turtle would make a good companion for the hippo Jo stitched for me. You can see he is very at home at the lily pond but this turtle doesn't like to get wet. Lol.

Janet quilts and a good one at that. I guess she is trying to convert me to be one as well with this quilting book. There are a couple of quilts in there that are inviting and when will I start on one? I honestly don't know but I have downloaded the sewing roll mentioned in page 1 so I may start with that.

Today, being Sunday, I reckon if I don't pick up my camera to take pics of the handphone fob that Faizon, our tatting sifu, taught Janet and I to tat at the meet-up on 2 June, I wouldn't get down to doing it at all. During the meet-up, I refresh what I had learnt from Faizon before; how to tat round a ring and to do a folded join. What's new was to do a twisted cord a-la Faizon's way. Its tricky but had I being left on my own to tat it with written instructions, I would definitely not be able to do so. It's nothing compared with visual learning from a patient teacher. The fob on the right was tatted after the meet-up at home. I was stumped when I came to the cord since this was done on the chain and not the ring like the previous one. After a bit of sweat, I managed to get it right.

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