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Monday, March 27, 2006

My baby is home!

In fact, she's been home some time except I have not been able to scan it till now. Don't you think she's a stunner!

I fell in love with these teapots designed by Mary Engelbreit the moment I first laid eyes on them. They are so refreshingly vibrant. It was easy picking them as my theme for my first ever RR.

This is a well travelled RR. It had been to Australia, USA, England, Belgium, Italy and now back to Malaysia. It has one more stop to make before I can display it at my dining room and that's to the framer. My baby will be home for good then.

Before I close this chapter on my RR, I must put in writing my thanks and appreciation to my 5 partners of this RR. There were no hitches in meeting our deadlines and each of us were truly determined to see that this RR is a success. To Heather, Patty, Karen, Sabine and Laura, a big "TERIMA KASIH (thank you)" to you. You have all contributed to an heirloom which I will always treasure!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Back to School?

Well, sort of. I'll be resuming my Chinese brush painting tomorrow but first thing first. I have to make sure that my art supplies are all intact.

Brushes? Check. In fact I'm happy the way they are hanging pretty now on the brush stand given to me by my niece's BF. Its not only for aesthetic reason that brushes are hung this way but that this willl prevent water from logging at the brush head and dislodging itself from the handle. Can' t bring the stand along for lesson so I'll make do with this bamboo holder.

Rice paper? Right, I'll need to cut them to different shapes and sizes. Some squares, circles, fan shapes, rectangles perhaps... Check.

Paints? They are as dry and cracked up as I am! Haha... but not difficult to remedy as all I need to do is to pour in enough water and stir till its back to a constituency of double cream again. Yucks! I can see that the white and brown paints have gone mouldy and this could be due to the fact that I had added in water that's not too clean the last time. Hmm, I may have taken the short-cut of adding water from the pail where I washed my brushes. Check? Check.

My porcelain palette and black ink are intact so it's check and check.

Now, I'm off to practise on my last lesson so I have some homework to pass up.

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The End.