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Sunday, November 12, 2006

You are cordially invited

to the above chinese ink painting exhibition if you happened to be in the vicinity of Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur anytime from now to 30th November 2006. Being exhibited are 87 paintings done by members of the Malaysia Chinese Ink Painting Society where I'm a life member. If any of the paintings takes your fancy and you would like to own an original ink painting, just walk up to the gallery owner and pull out your credit card as most of the paintings are up for sale.

I was there at the official opening of the exhibition last Sunday, 5th November, as one of my paintings was selected out of the 300+ shortlisted. I painted this just before I left for UK in June and when I resumed my lessons in August, my teacher told me about this upcoming exhibition and asked me to submit it for the committee's consideration. It took the committee a month to select the 87 paintings. We were not told how much our paintings were to be priced at and I was like, perhaps RM500 the most since my last painting was priced at a measly RM70! I walked and I walked in search of my painting and found it at the end of the gallery and imagine my joy when I saw that my painting was tagged at RM1,500. Yeah! Now I've got to look for a buyer. Haha...

In the event you are wondering if I did the calligraphy, the answer is no. My teacher wrote them and its about these two birds seeking shelter from the rain under some foliages found at a pond during spring time. Its dusk and the farmers are back home after a hard day's work. The birds are happy and contented where they are now - safe and sheltered.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

RIP Duke

Duke left us on 19 October 2006, three days after an operation to remove a tumour. It was an op I do not know if I should had let him undergo. A couple of weeks prior, I had noticed a lump at his groin. He was in no obvious pain for his appetite was good and he was his normal noisy and playful self. However, the lump was growing and I took him to the vet on 14 October 2006. I was hoping that it was nothing but I was wrong. The vet advised that Duke had testicular tumour due to an undescended testicle and it was suppressing his bone marrow's ability to produce blood cells. Had I gone any later, Duke would have bled to death for his PCV had dropped to a dangerous level. The best option for him was to go for the op and I consented.

The op can only be carried out on Monday, 16 October 2006 but we had to leave Duke at the vet to prepare him for his op. It was heart-breaking when we left him as he thought we were abandoning him. He barked so hard and loud for us to take him home. I turned back a couple of times to re-assure him that I'll be back for him. The times that Duke was there, he refused the food that the vet fed him and I had to bring from home his usual canned food and biscuits.

The op went on well as the tumour was found to be isolated to just the right testicle. His blood test showed no adverse results but neither was there any improvement despite being given a blood transfusion. The vet told me it was nothing to worry about as it usually takes 2-3 weeks before we can see results. Duke was subdued but happy when I went to see him. I was very careful not to hurt him when I carried him. The second day, Duke was showing signs of going downhill although he walked up to me to be cuddled. The third day, he just stayed in his cage and ignored us.

When I received a call from the vet at 11.00am on 19 October 2006, I knew I was going to lose Duke. I rushed to the vet from office and found Duke lying down in a daze. He took his last breath while I was stroking him and telling him what a wonderful dog he was and that I love him so much.

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The End.