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Friday, April 28, 2006

A bookmark for Lillie

A chat on the EMS Board landed with Lillie and I making a pact to do an exchange of bookmarks. Whilst we had agreed that there'll be no deadline, Lillie had stitched and sent hers off to me in early February this year. I can only fulfil my side of the bargain now. Sorry, Lillie.

Here I had stitched for Lillie one of two bookmarks by Dimensions known as "Elegant Bookmarks". As you can see, the bookmark is densely packed with stitches to bring out the flowers, some done in half stitches. The top and bottom is more or less a repeat in the design though they face opposite directions. The border (and this is what I like best of this bookmark) has a lacy effect due to the rendering of the backstitches. On the reverse, I had left it rather plain with just a monogram by Sajou bearing Lillie's initial. With both pieces cut to matching size and backs facing, I had joined them with the zig-zag feature of my machine. I then stringed three of the floss colours used in the design through the top middle of the bookmark, twisted them to form a cord, knotted it and this is the end result.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I've Got Mail

Mr. Postman was kind to me yesterday for he delivered not one but two envelopes.

The first envelope was from Natty, my SBEBB Spring Exchange partner. Natty has stitched these bunnies in monochrome. She finished it off with a matching ribbon and a nice floral print border. I believe its something I can hang up for there's a ribbon loop. I can't be sure but perhaps Natty can enlighten me on this. The whole project was hand-stitched. Very neat and pretty. She has generously packed in a skein each of hand-dyed floss from Six Strand Sweets and Dragon Floss together with a couple of postcards. The postcards were of Kent, England where Natty lives. Thank you, Natty.

The other envelope was my Collaboration Pack ordered through The Dye Is Cast. The theme this time is Scentual Pleasure. The 5 participating dyers have each thrown in a free chart and I do see myself stitching some of them. What thrills me is the calico (or is it canvas) bag the goodies were packed in. Already I have some ideas on how to dress it up. Oh, there was a packet of wildflower mix too. I don't know if they'll germinate at all here in the tropics but I do know that I don't have green fingers. No harm trying though for miracles do happen.

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Spring Exchange

Now that it has reached its destination, I share with you here the Spring Tulip I'd stitched for Svenja from Germany, my spring exchange partner at SBEBB. The pattern for this was taken from April 2004 JCS and finished off as an eyeglasses case.

Stitching this piece represents many firsts. Its the first time I'd stitched a project of mine on linen. I had to frog on many occasions due to mis-counting. Hey, I have to live up to my name, right? Lol. The result is that much finer than on Aida. Its my first on this BB. First time stitching over one and eagle eye Svenja noticed it on the monogram "S". Lastly, its a major first for me to finish this off as something. To-date, the only other piece that I had finished off was a bookmark but that was easy piecey. I thought I had it all figured out when I chose this design as the finishing instructions were given. But, no Siree, I had to do it differently. However, the few lessons of sewing I had, paid its dues as I managed. Not that neat a finish but can lah, huh?

Along with this eyeglasses case, I've enclosed some little goodies: a wine jacket with a Chinese knot scrunchy to go over the wine jacket (like a necktie round a collar); writing papers depicting our Malaysian lifestyles, a veneer bookmark of our traditional baju kebaya and some floss in Svenja's favourite colour - red.

Enjoy and remember me when you use them, Svenja!

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The End.